Monitoring & Support

Many businesses are depending on ICT, a disruption can have big impact on the productivity. SMT Systems B.V. offers 24×7 monitoring, 24×7 technical support, very fast response times and single point of contact. By offering you these services, we can guarantee high uptime of your ICT infrastructure at all times. Our pro-active approach means that we perform preventive maintenance and continuously advise you on the health of your ICT infrastructure, by doing so we can prevent a lot of common issues. 
More information: SMT Monitoring & Support

Cloud Backup

Something can always happen to your critical data or ICT infrastructure, in which case the availability of a backup is very important. The SMT Systems B.V. Cloud Backup software makes a backup of all your critical systems and data, so that if something happens, we can quickly and efficiently restore your entire ICT infrastructure. So, your company is suffering minimal impact.
More information: SMT Backup '18

ICT for Home

SMT Systems B.V. offers an unique extra service for your employees. If you have an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with SMT Systems B.V., you will have the possibility to add an extra module called "ICT for Home". This module enables your employees to use the following services from SMT Systems B.V. at a reduced rate:

  • Anti-Virus (for Windows and Mac)
  • Cloud Backup
  • Webfilter
  • Support within office hours, in the evenings and in the weekends (from 9 AM till 9 PM)