SMT Systems has a high qualified development department and can use all kind of program languages and techniques.  We aim to get to the best ICT solution for your business.


TMS (Transport Management System)
Is an administration tool specialized for the transport industry; designed for different customers with their own needs. Kilometer registration, price agreements, custom invoices, customized reports, automatic communication with different accounting programs and many more handy features. Per client you can choose whether you want to use hour registration or kilometer registration or both (e.g. in case of waiting hours), fulfilling your client’s requirements

ShipSupply is the administration tool for all your purchase, sales and can communicate with PMS for import and export of orders. You can use this program for example in the meat or vegetable industry.

CUA (Central User Administration)
Is an administration tool to manage the user accounts of different locations and platforms. It comes with a user friendly interface for which no system administrator knowledge is required. It can be used on site for medium and large businesses or for remote sites (vessels, barges , branch-offices) with the use of SyncIT, our encryption and synchronization tool.

PMS (Purchase Management System)
This software is available in modules. Even if you have a small company we can provide you the with best tools to perform daily tasks. for the advanced PMS we developed a connection with custom control

Crew-IT (Crewing Software)
Manages all your crewing certifcates, vessel planning, job rotations etc.

Custom made is our speciality!