SMT RemoteManagement Services

  • Comprehensive monitoring and alerting for on-premise, cloud-based and mobile applications and data
  • Managed Antivirus – one click installation and complete management of endpoint malware protection
  • Managed Online Backup – secure Hybrid backup and disaster recovery
  • AppControl – Cloud application management including Office 365 & Google Apps
  • Email Security & Archive – 100% cloud-based email anti-malware and spam filtering service with email continuity and secure email archiving built in
  • WebProtection – comprehensive and flexible management of Internet access for organizations’, including time-based browsing rules and blocking of access to malicious sites
  • Integrated Service Desk – to create and manage IT Service Delivery, manage and report on performance against SLAs and track engineer time utilisation
  • Automated Patch Management – comprehensive support for a wide range of operating system and application updates from Microsoft and many third party software suppliers
  • Management Reporting – branded as their own – reports that tell the MSP’s customers all the things they are doing to keep their systems running smoothly


Technologies & Productivity tools
TakeControl – the one touch, attended or unattended screen-based remote support tools

  • Asset Tracking – providing a comprehensive view of asset data on customers’ networks to help manage and maintain IT systems
  • Automated Maintenance – automating routine tasks to reduce the labor load on MSPs and freeing them up to concentrate on higher value tasks
  • Scripting – Flexible scripting engine supporting both custom scripts written by the MSP and scripts drawn from our  library of 500+ scripts to perform custom checks or maintenance tasks
  • Remote Command Line – to manage devices without interrupting the user, including tasks such as software installs, registry edits, mapping network drives
  • Remote Service and Process Controls – easily see running process that are consuming CPU/Memory, kill unresponsive services and manage problem processes remotely


A fast and secure Hybrid backup solution built for MSP’s to backup and easily restore their customer’s data from both on-site and off-site storage locations:

  • Cloud, Hybrid or Own infrastructure Options – MAX Backup lets the MSP choose what set up is best for their customer. All installations can utilize both a local storage location and the option of either our fully-managed cloud storage or storage provisioned and managed by the MSP themselves, ensuring fast local restore if available or remote restore if a larger scale disaster has occurred.
  • Virtual Disaster Recovery – allowing MSPs to recover customers’ data quickly by restoring to a virtual machine, so the customer’s business can continue to operate while the physical machine is recovered.
  • Bare Metal Recovery – simplifying, automating and speeding up system recovery following the loss of an entire device.
  • Retention and archiving – Variable retention periods and archiving as an option lets the MSP choose how long to store files and how regularly to take archive snapshots, supporting long-term archival storage of key data.
  • Continuous Restore – Offering a mechanism to establish a standby system that’s kept continually up-to-date with the latest backup. This restore target can be brought live quickly to deliver the fastest recovery time objectives.
  • Highly Secure – Options for the highest levels of encryption (448-bit blowfish), means that MAXbackup’s secure cloud storage conforms to even the most stringent regulations on data security.
  • Fast – super fast – fast and efficient backup using our True Delta technology and many options to make sure that recovery is also the fastest in the industry; the shortest downtime window possible before businesses are up and running again.
  • Cross platform compatibility – Supports Windows, Linux and OS X, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint, HyperV or VMWare virtualized environments, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle and more.


SMT Mail provides MSPs with a fully cloud-based service to defend against email-borne malware and spam, stop them in their tracks and prevent threats from ever reaching their customers’ networks. The service includes integrated email continuity that means inbound and outbound email can still be managed even when the main email service is down.

MAX Mail Archive is an additional service that provides a long term, secure and searchable cloud-based archive of both inbound and outbound mails with flexible retention periods.

Online backup from SMT-Systems
SMT-Systems offers a good, friendly and complete automatic online backup service.

Some of the benefits are;

  • Your data is easy to manage. And you don’t need to be an specialist in backup systems.
  • You don’t need tapes, DVDs or CDs and this could spare you a lot of money and trouble.
  • Your file’s will be automatically backed-up.
  • 24 hour access to your critical business data.

all your data will be send encrypted and stored on secure servers. Because your data is not stored in the same building as the original data, your backup is even usable after fire, flood, theft etc..

SMT-Systems can help u pick the best contract. And even help you with the installation of the online SMT backup system.

If you have a system already but you are not satisfied with the current service or support, feel free to contact us and after an intake we will provide you with a plan to eventually take over and provide those services you and your equipment really needs. We also can provide audits to ensure your data and equipment is up to date, consistent and SAFE!

If you like to get to know us better and how we can provide whatever you need, please feel free to contact us.