Specialized in Quality of Services with network routing, load balancing and priority services. SMT Systems is working with high quality hardware product such as Mikrotik routers and Peplink, PepWave Router, HP and many other brands.

SMT Routers are responsible for the best networking with the most functionality ever.

  • Quality of service
  • Wireless (including walk-through and hot spots)
  • Radio and Network design
  • Availability and Security
  • Engineering
  • Support, Service and SLA’s
  • Affordable
  • Controllable
  • Scalable

SMT Routers are infrastructure solutions with quality of service, access, accounting and security.These routers are very trustful and stable

We support a wide range of wireless solutions, including radio bridges across long distances, out-door wireless access for you site(s), meshed wireless networks with multiple access points and hot-spots with access pages to limit access.

Balancing / Fail over routers:
Peplink, Pepwave

Sim-card with fixed IP addresses for fail over or redundant communication systems.

Redundancy for your internet connection with 4G

This new adopted product, a 4G router, with the possibility of connecting several Wan’s and (W)Lan’s into your network, secures your internet connection if your land line or VSAT connection goes down for any reason. Primarily this connection can be used for redundancy, but is also available for load-balancing between several WAN connections or when you want to avoid expensive  (and slow) VSAT connections (when in harbour).  Further out at sea the connection won’t be available, but along the shore or in the waterways and in some cases near wind farms at sea (if repeaters are installed), the use of 4G in combination with this product is guaranteed. most device models are equipped with a WiFi module for mobile access to the internet as well….
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