SMT Backup '18

SMT Systems B.V.'s cloud backup software ensures your business of daily backups of all your critical data and systems. With up to 60 days of retention and unlimited archives, it is always possible to recover a previous version of a file or even a complete system. In case anything where to happen to your systems, for example a virus attack, SMT Systems B.V. offers a virtual copy of your systems in the cloud. Which enables your business to continue while your local systems are being restored. With our included Virtual Drive software, you will be able to access all your data stored in the backup from within the file explorer.


  • Up to 60 days retention and unlimited archives (e.g. every first day of the month)
  • Unlimited storage for all your backups (based on a Fair Use Policy)
  • Full encryption during transportation and storage of your data
  • Your data is stored in a datacentre in your region (for Dutch customers the data is stored in Amsterdam)
  • All datacentres are ISO, SSAE, NEN and GDPR compliant
  • Optional hybrid solutions; your data is stored both locally as well as in the cloud
  • Support for system backups; both your data and full operating system, applications and preferences are backupped
  • Support for multiple recovery methods, including: Bare Metal Recovery, Physical-to-Virtual Recovery and Virtual Disaster Recovery
  • True Delta™ technology and block-level backups
  • Live VM backups and continuous recovery (synchronisation between live and backup systems)
  • Free 24×7 monitoring, updates and restore tests

Supported systems and software:

  • Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Servers, desktops and laptops
  • VMWare, Citrix (XenServer) and Hyper-V
  • MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, MS-SQL, MySQL and Oracle 
  • Office 365: Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Compatible with all internet connections, including satellite internet and 4G